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Theo Heuzen, Drs. Th. J.
Management consultant
Skater, biker / cyclist


As a management consultant I get involved in questions of strategy, structure and functioning. As hobby I do skate and cycle. From thereon I do projects around safety on natural ice: www.veiligheidopnatuurijs.nl and advise and write about time trial, team pursuit, cornering technique and the like. In cycling I do a kind of the same project through this website, giving training and writing columns.

From the (competition) sport I get inspiration for my organization consultancy, for example in issues such as: competition and cooperation, preparation and mindset / focus. Considering working and performing in such organizations as topsport is attractive. But is often incorrectly shaped and then gives a counter-productive mindset.

Heuzen-LogoInfluencing behavior on the road is done from the official bodies from two sides. The hard part: the design of the road and the regulations, and the soft side: the moral appeal to be a ‘gentleman’ in traffic. The hard part is needed and delivers fast effects, but too much emphasis on it is leading to an overdose of speed bumps, traffic and entice the participants to see one another as an obstacle and not as a fellow road user. Calls for social behavior, which are not complete and specific enough, are easily put aside.
Sometimes the solution seems and is simple and. Sometimes it’s not that simple, otherwise it was already arranged. ‘SmarterCyling’ attempts to take this into account.,


Website design, graphics and animations

edwinEdwin Haan
Biker / Photographer / Editor

Biggest busybody in the newsroom of FIETS, and not only because of his length. Hence a mail signature of 3 lines showing photographer, webmaster, digital content manager and chief editors. And then he writes, if applicable, sometimes about a beautiful bike country. Colleagues describe him as 2m Dutch common sense, no nonsense, IT, windsurfing, diving, basketball and oh yes: bikes! From the editor he should not go flirt with a broad interest, and as he has a point. Cycling he does on mountain bikes, racers, a former trial barrel and of course a race bike in size XXL.




Felix Guerain
mark Productions

Drawing is like for the first time you may go a snowy and untouched steppe, where the traces you leave behind are the lines of a drawing. Each time it is an adventure in which anything can happen. The pencil and paper re for me a passport to a life without limits.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to realize my childhood dream. As an illustrator and cartoonist quite young I have been given the opportunity to see criminals and to give them a face as court artist. Another part of my work consists of illustrating books, stories, and even management sessions of large reputable companies where I entrust to the paper change processes and interaction within the management team. A versatile profession with just a pencil and paper.

Thanks to
Kees van Rijn, Erik de Vries, Erik Verwey, Kees de Vrij, Wilbert Smith, Ad van Helmond, Arjan Hulsebos and many others.