Dashboard: speed, pressure, and effort

waaierrondjesIn addition to the technical side (how do you take a wheel, how to take the lead, and so on) we can also look at the speed, pressure on the pedals and effort (breathing / heart rate / leg pain). When we zoom in on one rider in his or her round through the echelon, we will see these three variables that change in different ways.

1. The speed in kilometers per hour varies in the echelon: for example, when moving to the front, our rider rides at 40 km / h. When moving to the rear, it’s 38 km / h.

2. The pressure on the pedals can be measured in Watts.

3. You can feel the effort, for example through your heart rate, your respitory depth, and the burning in your thighs. You can measure your heart rate with a heart rate monitor or by the way your body feels. You can also view it in colors. Yellow = moderate, easy to do. Orange = Sub-maximal, just a few minutes full, for example while riding in the lead of a single echelon. Red = Maximum, only sustainable for a few seconds.

In a single echelon, for example, the three criteria will be as follows during a full round of a rider.



Observing and estimating
It’s an art to always observe this data. From your goal, cooperation or competition, you will know if you can or should be able to do longer or shorter turns, or possibly skip a turn.
In a team time trial, for instance. If you are already recovered halfway through the echelon, you are not putting in enough effort, and you should take longer turns.
If you are in the second position (just before you take the lead) and you are still in the red, you should skip a turn or take shorter turns.