Using the full width of the road

Using the full width
When riding in a crosswind, you form an echelon: you ride diagonally behind each other, keeping each other on the lee side. Except the one up front, but he or she likes to pound against the wind, right?
If the road is clear and there is no traffic in front or behind you, you can use the full width of the road, from shoulder to shoulder. Or the entire lane in case of solid white line. That way, more riders can profit from the echelon.

Keep front and back in check
When you’re using the full width of the road, is’t not without risk. It is important that you always know what is in front and behind you. In particular, the rear rider best look back in order to check the situation. But it does require skills: keeping your line while looking behind you.
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By checking the conditions on a (very) regular basis, you can form a single line in an orderly fashion well in time.
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