In a group, you usually ride side by side, or even with more people if there is enough space. When you then encounter oncoming traffic on a narrow road, you should make your group more slender. Rather than riding side by side, you start to ride behind one another. In other words, you weave.


Weaving in the right way

Of the first pair, the one riding on the right speeds up, and thus makes room behind him, so the one on the left can tuck in behind him. Then, the following pair does the same, and so on. In this way your are weaving ‘away from the danger’ and thus creating more time to get in a single line that if left goes over right.



Signals and coaching
You need to give a signal that you need to weave. You call “Weave” or “Single line”. Or you might you call “Oncoming”. You may also make gestures, so  that your fellow riders know what to do.
See also Signals

Note: The natural reflex, both riders braking, is not correct. You loose reaction time, you cannot create the required space for tucking in in time, and you may get those behind you in a fix as they now have to brake and maneuver at the same time. Those further down the group may even be forced to stop.

The ones riding on the right should only be concerned with accelerating, and thus make room behind. The others will then resolve further things.

This proper reaction should be trained. It is important to coach each other. That could be with words, or with hand signals. It’s important to train both. Once you have that part down, you may quicken making room by having the one on the left push the one on the right forward. Do take care that one one on the left doesn’t loose his or her speed while pushing.

If you drive on a public road in a echelon and you have to weave,
it may be that the echelon of six for example has to go back to two or three riders diagonally next to each other. Actually it becomes a series of small echelons. It is then convenient or social if a stronger rider takes the lead position in one of the following small echelons, instead of a weaker rider one who ends up there by chance. Unless you, as a stronger rider, choose to stay out of the wind as much as possible 🙂